Canadian Foreign Investment Agency

Our Services


To export your products and / or services to the country of your choice, we can find for you local importers for you in potential markets.

We request for you the Canadian export and import permits for the countries of destination and keep you up to date on transportation logistics in the case of products.

We inform you of relevant laws and regulations and methods of payment available.


  • We find for you the best foreign suppliers of products for you to reduce costs and facilitate greater competitiveness;
  • Negociation, preparation and sending orders to foreign supplier;
  • We negotiate for you the best payment conditions for you;
  • Preparation of letters of credit and other financial documents;
  • Negociate and obtain fixed exchange rates for imports for a fixed period;
  • Planning, preparation of transport logistics and customs clearance with relevant experts.


  • Publishing an information page on the web;
  • Find and register a domain name and its registration with official bodies.
  • Find and register a domain name and its registration with official bodies.
  • Publication on the most popular social networks: Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Your web page will become a global transactional site with use of major credit cards.
  • Development of tools tailored to facilitate e-commerce security.

Business/Market intelligence

  • Implementation and structuring of the intelligence system;
  • Depending on availability, obtaining strategic information on international markets: pre-projects, tendering, selective invitations, names of competitive bidders where available, financing and payment guarantees for related projects and / or requests for products;
  • Broadcast in-house government procurement planning for five-year;
  • Support for internal monitors to start activities;
  • Management of accounts receivable, inventory and warehousing on request.


For operations with the countries where compensation, exchange, barter, barter or countertrade is legal, ACCIE SA INC. can act as "trustee or fiduciary" to find a buyer, partner, perform a single or multiple transaction and prepare applications for issuance of documentary credit.

Prospecting mission

Preparation of an exploratory trip to a country targeting the following countries and regions:

  • North America
  • Latin America, the Caribbean
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Africa, the Middle East
  • Asia

International Trade Fairs

Here is what we can do for your international marketing:

  • Participation in major international trade fairs in strategic countries;
  • Rent exhibit space to demonstrate a product;
  • Transportation logistics, packaging and customs clearance of samples;
  • Translation of documents and verification of labelling;
  • Commitment of staff who speak the language/languages required;
  • Preparation of price lists including terms of payment and place of delivery;
  • Representation of the product sold on site;
  • Trading and taking orders.

Global distribution network

Here is what we can do for your international marketing:

  • Expand your distribution network in the country of destination;
  • Find an appropriate manufacturer's agent;
  • Prepare the relevant trade agreements;
  • Give suggestions for intellectual property: trademarks, industrial designs, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and licensing (franchising);
  • Calculate and negotiate transportation costs;
  • Application and obtaining the necessary permits and management of customs concerned;
  • Negociate fixed exchange rates on imports and exports for a specified period;
  • Communication with importers, distributors and other buyers;
  • Track requests for information and preparation of appropriate offers;
  • Carry out any other kind of market research.


ACCIE INC SA with its financial partners can offer you, under certain conditions, the export financing, discounting and factoring of foreign receivables. These funds will allow you to use financial solutions and flexible payment options, enhancing your competitive advantage. We also cover the political and commercial risks depending on the country considered, the type of transaction and the client concerned.


We investigate subsidies that are available for you to meet foreign buyers, submit your bid and get any other assistance available in your country or abroad.


ACCIE SA INC. offers a series of workshops designed to prepare you before going to foreign markets.

  • Introduction to International Trade
  • Introduction to Research in International Markets
  • Introduction to International Marketing
  • Introduction to International Finance
  • Introduction to Logistics and Distribution in International Trade

Academic credentials, certificates and made-to-measure programs are available.

International Business Plan

Writing an international business plan requires:

  • A medium-term vision (two to three years) and development of planned and structured export measures.
  • Adjustment and correction of certain strategic elements as required and according to experiences in the new foreign market being operated in.
  • We assist you in your discussions with your various financial and commercial partners
  • The business plan reduces your export risk, thus increasing your chances of success through a thoughtful and planned approach.


ACCIE SA INC. can provide copies of the standards required by the private and public entities to conduct the necessary tests prior to certification to conform to legal requirements and standards in the international market concerned.

Technology Transfer

To conduct a technology transfer with a good partner, ACCIE SA INC. can help you:

  • Find a foreign partner interested in your technology
  • Offer and negotiate technology transfer, funding and grants available
  • Prepare contract documents for use

Citizenship by Investment Program (CIP)

With an investment of 200 000 $ USD plus Government and professional fees, within no more than six (6) months, enjoy Visa free travel to one hundred thirty (130) countries and more.

ACCIE SA INC. is an affiliated representative for the Citizenship by Investment program (CIP)

Work Visa in Canada and USA

  • Tips and procedures for obtaining work permits in Canada and in the United States of America for representatives, students and professionals.